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Hey yall!!! Thanks for coming to my site and visiting my “ about me” section. I know that this isn’t your everyday bio, but hey, I’m not your everyday kind of girl. Im just a good ol South Florida kind of girl. I was born and raised in Boynton/Delray Beach Florida, a part of Palm Beach County, where I first discovered my love for hair. I know you’re thinking ,“ Why does she want a blog?’” I came up with the whole blog thing because not only am I a hair stylist I love music, fashion, entertainment, but most of all hair. I thought this would be the perfect outlet to have my voice heard about my passion for all of the above things I listed but for most of all, my hair opinions. From the coast of Florida to the hills of Hollywood all the way back down to the Dirty South known as the “A”, Atlanta GA is where I call home. Being in this hair business for over the past fifteen years has allowed me to work on projects with celebrities such as T.I., Ciara, Kim Porter, Scrappy, Eddie Murphy, and Usher, just to name a few, as a hair stylist. I can definitely say that I’ve lived out some of my dreams but only have plans to continue living them with my blog. Hope you enjoy and please don’t be bothered by anything I say, its just my opinion.

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